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Our technologies empower energy companies, nation-states, and institutions to accelerate the energy transformation. By deploying highly adaptable, flexible, and scalable data centers, we help optimize unused or underutilized energy. Partner with us to leverage our unique expertise in data center operations. Together, let’s build a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Our solutions:

Supporting Renewable Energy Projects

We can serve as a key customer for new or current energy projects by providing consistent demand for underutilized electricity and converting it into a revenue stream for producers. This additional income can be reinvested to develop existing projects, launch new ones, and expand distribution infrastructure to reach previously unavailable markets.

Mitigate Flaring & Methane Emissions

We can help convert methane from oil fields, landfills, and other sites into electricity, reducing energy waste and greenhouse gas emissions. By capturing and utilizing methane that would otherwise be flared or released into the atmosphere, we can provide a sustainable solution that benefits both the environment and your operations.

Strengthen Power Grids

Our systems are grid-ready. We can help operators balance load and generation. Our data centers adapt dynamically to grid conditions – scaling down power consumption during high-demand or low-generation periods to increase available electricity supply and scaling up energy consumption when there’s excess power to prevent grid congestion.

Recycle Heat

We can reuse the heat generated by our data centers to help lower your operating costs by supplementing traditional heating sources. By capturing and redirecting this waste heat, we provide an efficient and sustainable heating solution for various industrial applications, such as district heating, greenhouse operations, and manufacturing processes.

Funding & Mentorship

We support builders that are passionate about the energy transformation. We invest in forward-thinking individuals and organizations leveraging technology to solve the world’s energy challenges.

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